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On 26 March 2018 I attempted to order the Crayon Case Pallet from this business owner named Raynell Steward who goes by the name Wuzzam Supa.

The Crayon case was released for sale at 12 pm Central Standard time. It was very hard to get on the site due to problems with the server. I was able to get on the site and place an order for the Crayon Case Eyeshadow pallet for myself and my daughter. I also ordered some other items.

The next morning 27 March 2018, I received a text message with a UPS tracking number for my order. Within 1 hour later I received another text message that my entire order was refunded. I did not receive any email from this business for the reason of my canceled order.

My daughter told me that on Instagram people were saying negative things about this business.

I have never ordered anything from a business that uses instagram for sales.

I will never do business with Wuzzam Supa, The Crayon Case, Raynell Steward.

She advertises falsely and does not have the Skills to handle her business needs to support the capicity for her Customers Supply and Demand.

Her business license should be revoked indefinitely for her deceitful business acts.

She needs to stop taking peoples money then refunding it saying she has enough stockage to fill orders for thousands of Customers!

Product or Service Mentioned: The Crayon Case Customer Care.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

I didn't like: False advertisement.

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What is deceitful? Your order was refunded?

I’m confused at what your real issue is. Old navy has refunded me plenty without warning or email.


If your money was refunded to you why are you so bitter? I could understand if you paid, never received anything, and weren’t refunded but sis...

you’re pressed as *** She refunded everyone who ordered on that certain day because of an issue with the supplier. Rather than make everybody wait for an indefinite amount of time.


I'm opening a business and in doing so I look up people who inspire me like Supa/Raynell and when this article came up I liked to screamed. How dare you, is what I thinking!

Now to clarify something, for you and people who come across these lies. I have order a number of things from Crayon Case and I also order one of her Tshirts. Never have I even had an issues, I was actually impressed with the tracking text process and quick delivery, better than most brands!

Before you post something negative try reaching out to the company, because as a customer you have some responsibility as well. Your review isn't valid!


This post was THE shadiest *** ever!! Companies run out of items all the time AND they refund your money.

Damn, you’re THAT mad about it that you had to make a WHOLE complaint like this?!

Just wait until it restocks and order. Simple.


I've been ordering from the Crayon Case and also feature their FULL line in my day spa/make up bar. I have NEVER had an issue of refunds.

Nor have I had an issue of not receiving my items. Even with the big Black Friday sale, I got my tracking number within the 7-10 business days quoted. No it is not a big name company with hundreds of employees; but, they are doing their best and selling quality products AT A GREAT PRICE and meeting the promises made to their customers. We should all be in support of someone making their dreams come true and doing it with class grace and the customer in mind.

This kind of post makes me sad and disappointed to see someone trying to tear down someone elses platform. Do better "niece".

to Color Splash Charlotte #1617025

Thank you I needed to hear this because she had me nervous with this review. I hate when they give false reports. This an excellent review you did now I can enjoy my day knowing my things will come.

to Color Splash Charlotte #1617653

I ordered on Dec.19 received my order today with everything I purchased. I am very pleased and will continue to support her.


Wuzzam Supa I'm so happy for you I watch all of your videos and happy you took a step out on Faith. The Haters gonna come whether you do bad or good keep your head up and keep striving. You are making a big difference in young African American womens life.


You sound like a hater


I have placed multiple orders with The Crayon Case and have NEVER had an problem. My order are ALWAYS accurate and have been received in a timely manner.


Well ma’am you were refunded because you used someone else’s card. Let’s me truthful about this

to Wuzzam Supa #1591644

Got her

to La Tanya oliver #1591645

You tried it neice..but supa got you! Somebody else card..is a no no!




I placed an order with this company on June 19th and have yet to receive my order. Ive been getting the run around about my package and have changed my mailing address to accommodate them and still have no package.

They respond to emails when they feel like it and it has been a horrible experience. No phone number for customer service.

to K. Morris #1569145

What’s your order number?

to Wuzzam Supa #1610583

Ive been trying to contact someone about my order also. But no responded yet.

I haven't received a tracking #. The order #177444

to Smiller225 #1612222

I am in the same boat as you! It's been 13 BUSINESS DAYS and still no status update, no tracking information, no response to emails - NOTHING!

I've even tried contacting Raynell via instagram (DM and now I am in her comments).

Order was placed November 26 , today is December 13! Order Number: 179657


Who sent you? Blah


Having placed numerous orders from The Crayon Case I find this to be a crock of BS. I am very familiar with the type of customer service etiquette that this company has and customer satisfaction and quality control is priority.

This sounds like an example of fraudulent activity that Supa explained. There is an automated alert from UPS if the card being used is "Suspicious" People are miserable and will go out of their way to discredit good businesses.

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